What WE Believe

We believe in a world where everyone has the resources to heal themselves and to thrive – to become the super-powered human they came here to be!

What We Do

Our mission is to empower and equip you to be sovereign over your own health so you can fully thrive. How do we do that? By giving you access to information, education, resources, solutions and a community of like-minded individuals.

Who We Serve

We serve anyone who wants to heal and thrive. If any of the following describes you, you’ve come to the right place!

  • You are suffering from the fallout of the last few years – what we call “life on earth burnout.”
  • You are ready to detox – physically, emotionally, energetically.
  • You are ready to take charge of your health.
  • You are ready to upgrade your physical, energetic and emotional health
  • You are ready to let go of things (habits, patterns, food, people) that are not in alignment with your best interest.
  • You are ready to learn the truth about medicine and about natural and effective health solutions
  • You are ready to become your super-powered self!

Who We Are

We are Annie & Jodi, just a couple of gals who have struggled with health challenges for years and have gone on quite a journey to heal ourselves and we want to share what we have learned so that it may help you too!

Annie’s Story

At age 13, Annie’s intense interest in all things relating to the understanding of the human body had her reading books by doctors, who were on the fringe of Big Pharma, medicines, new treatments, and nutrition.

Following her education at home, Annie returned to senior high school to pursue her dream of becoming a cardiologist, determined to change the system for the better. 

However, the summer of 2010/2011 found Annie chronically unwell after receiving compulsory vaccines for a mission trip to the Philippines. She was so profoundly affected she could not go. 

With her dream to study medicine still intact, Annie studied to be a nurse with the intention of working her way toward her doctorate, gleaning and garnering as much medical knowledge along the way.

However, the obligatory (compulsory) vaccines she received in order to enter her nurse’s training drastically aggravated her chronic illness.

Annie was an aged care nurse for seven years, but finally, had to withdraw from this employment and her career path in January 2020 due to her vaccine injuries.

From her diligent 13-year study of the body, Annie has accumulated a wealth of information allied to practical resources, and trialed a myriad of solutions, both allopathic and alternative, endeavouring to heal herself.

Annie continues to study to be better equipped to support others and her passion to see people healed remains undiminished.

Jodi’s Story

Jodi has two sides to her: Truth-seeking healer and corporate professional.

Jodi got her degree in journalism and has always been a seeker of truth and integrity. She has been interested in helping others and in alternative health since she was very young as her father was the first person in Texas to manufacture and sell Colloidal Silver (SilverKare.com), a natural antibiotic. He taught her to be very skeptical about the medical establishment and Big Pharma.

On the flip side, Jodi spent 25 years in corporate learning and development where she designed and led huge training efforts for some of the largest technology companies in the world. While working in the corporate world, Jodi completed several years of intense study in energy work and mind-body therapy with 3 certifications. In 2011 she began her mind-body therapy practice and crisis coaching on the side, where she helped dozens of clients through a deep transformation to improve their lives.

In 2018, she had a health scare and was diagnosed with Adrenal Exhaustion Stage 4. That is the stage that has the skull and crossbones beside it. Her doctors said, “how are you even alive and walking around?” Her doctors told her that it would take a minimum of two years to heal using a specific protocol. That was a wake-up call. She was in full burnout – she had been living with chronic stress for far too long. She ended up taking a 3-month leave from her corporate job to try to heal herself. She knew she had to release all of the built-up stress in her body. She finally decided to practice her own mind-body therapy on herself. During her time off, she ended up creating her own unique method in the process. When she went back into see her doctor, they did tests and couldn’t believe it – she had completely healed her adrenal exhaustion. In less than 3 months!

So she then quit her corporate job in 2019, wrote a best-selling book, Come Alive, and started a lucrative coaching business, focused on helping professional women with overwhelm. But along the way, the pandemic happened and everything changed for her. She left her lucrative coaching career to step up to help people in the summer of 2020 when she met Dr. Richard Bartlett and felt compelled to spread the word about his successful budesonide protocol to heal Covid. Jodi built the website BudesonideWorks and created a nationwide provider network to help people heal from home. The response to the website was overwhelming. On a weekly basis she answered hundreds of emails and coached dozens of people on natural protocols. Millions of people have visited the site and it is listed as one of the top trusted sites for helpful information on how to survive Covid. She has also assisted Dr. Bartlett in his numerous speaking engagements around the country about his successful protocol.

During this time Jodi witnessed first-hand the level of stress people were under during the pandemic. That is when she decided to step up and write her second book, Lose Your Sh*t, to help people deal with the stress and emotional repercussions of not only the disease, but the fear, the anger, the grief, the depression and loneliness, and the resulting health issues. Using her unique method, she figured out the magic formula for stress reduction and “pandemic burnout.”

In addition over the last few years, Jodi became what she calls a “Wellness Investigator” – she researches and discovers solutions and products to aid in her own physical healing journey as well as helping others. She learned that the key to healing was detox – not just physically, but emotionally and energetically. That is when she decided to launch the Wellness Superheroes brand with Annie Catterall, a retired nurse and brilliant biohacker from Australia. Together, they created a podcast where they both share much of what they have learned as well as interview guests who are experts in physical, emotional or energetic wellness. They are a force to be reckoned with! And at the heart of everything they do is … the TRUTH.

Jodi continues to help people in natural ways to detox, heal and thrive, and she has revamped her coaching practice, specializing in helping individuals and teams recover from burnout. She calls herself the Emotional Empowerment Coach. She works with people 1×1 as well as teams, and she is building her signature 8-Week online program (Come Alive: From Burnout to Brilliance in 90 Days) launching in February 2024. She is also working on an in-person “Beating Burnout Bootcamp” that will launch Summer or Fall 2024. Jodi is also an expert speaker and is open to speaking at events about stress management and burnout.

Jodi’s drive to help others is unstoppable. To find out more about Jodi’s offerings, go here.