We started our Wellness Superheroes podcast in Fall of 2022. Our goal is to inform and educate people on natural healing solutions and techniques for not only physical wellness but also emotional and energetic wellness.

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Dame Lillian Walker – Glutathione Activation

In this episode Lillian shares with us the importance of glutathione as master antioxidant for our bodies and our immune health.

To LEARN more about the patches, go HERE.

Dame Lillian Walker – Stem Cell Activation

In this episode, Jodi & Annie share their health updates since patching, and Lillian shares about the benefits of X49 & Aeon patches, and also importance of protecting yourself while flying. 

We also share an exciting announcement and amazing LIFE-CHANGING testimonies of seniors who have been using the patches. 

To LEARN more about the patches, go HERE.

Dr. Kami Owen – Frequency Healing

In this episode, Annie, Jodi and Adriann are joined by Dr Kami Owen, a doctor of Integrative Medicine, Quantum Health Coach, Conscious Language Instructor, and a Rasha Guardian. Dr Kami shares with us her miracle stories of what she’s seen the Rasha do for people who have been given a death sentence by their physician.

For more on the Rasha – https://www.therasha.com

Dr Kami’s Clinic – https://youonlyyonger.com

Robert Tennyson Stevens – Conscious Language

In this episode, Annie & Jodi are joined by Robert Tennyson Stevens, creator, author and founder of Conscious & Sacred Body LanguagesTM of Mastery Systems, along with Scott Wilson of Mastery Systems. Robert unpacks how our words create miracles or disaster, and how we THRIVE and serve our world BEST when we speak from our HEARTS.

To learn more about Conscious Language, contact us here

Dr. Richard Bartlett – Follow the Truth

In this episode, we hear from Dr. Richard Bartlett, America’s most censored doctor, on his protocol for treating COVID-19 which got next to no coverage by any media (alternative included). For more information: – https://budesonideworks.com

Kez Legend – EMF: Friend & Foe

In this interview Annie & Jodi interview Kerrie “Kez Legend” Gleeson. A nurse with 40 years of extensive experience; 22 of those years as a Nurse Educator, and 14 years as an ICU nurse. Annie was one of her students from 2013-2015. Critical thinking and common sense are what she taught her nursing students to advocate for one’s patient. Skills sadly, that are sorely lacking in the healthcare industry as it stands. Kerrie saw the writing on the wall before the Pl@ndemic and pursued training in frequency medicine. In this episode, Kerrie covers a bit of history of frequency and radiation and the damage it can cause and how to protect ourselves from harmful frequencies. She also covers some of the benefits of frequency medicine.

SilverKare – Benefits of Colloidal Silver

In this week’s episode, we focus on the benefits and uses of Colloidal silver with the owner of SilverKare, Saskia Seifert-Hadsell. We cover all the ways it can be used for both humans and animals, the special care she takes in her manufacturing process, personal testimonials, and how and why it has been so suppressed for so long. Join us for some mind-blowing facts about the miraculous Colloidal Silver. LINKS: Where to buy SilverKare’s intentionally made Colloidal Silver – https://silverkare.com/

My Wellness Brothers – What’s Cookin’, Doc?

In this episode, My Wellness Brothers, Drs Ruben & Roman explain and demonstrate how much of an impact cookware has on the quality of our health and the nutrients of our food. Why is cookware so important? Because most cookware includes toxic chemicals such as Teflon and aluminum as well as toxic forms of copper or iron. Those toxins go into our food and can make us sick. In addition, most people cook with oils that add fat, and some cook with seed oils which can be very harmful. Carico cookware is made with surgical steel in an innovative way that requires no oil or even water to quickly cook anything you need. GET yours HERE: https://mywellnessbrothers.com


Mike DeBord – Get Your Strength Back

Finding it difficult to shed those “Covid Kilos”? Wanting to improve your strength and stamina? Struggling with injuries and chronic health? In this episode, Annie & Jodi interview Dr. Mike DeBord – CEO and Founder of B3 Sciences who shares a brilliant bio-hack for weight loss and kick-starting the body’s innate ability to regenerate. 

Dr. Mike explains how wearing B3 (BFR) Bands and doing low-intensity exercise consistently, creates the ideal environment for the body to release its own Human Growth Hormone and Nitric Oxide which repairs, restores, and burns fat while building muscle. 💪 🔥 This innovation will change the trajectory of human health as we know it. So, why don’t you join us…? Come and get on the Bands!

Watch our Most Censored Interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis here



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