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The Patching Superheroes

This is the website that we created for learning about the Wearable Light patches that activate your dormant stem cells to repair, restore and rejuvenate you.

It is full of information on the product line, how to order, how to get support, how to join call for testimonials and calls for medical professionals to learn more. 

If you are ready to truly thrive, check it out!


My Wellness Brothers

Through much research and clinical experience, My Wellness Brothers have found a handful of key factors that influence your health and how you can optimize them with little effort. My Wellness Brothers are revealing the secrets to never needing medications and to living a longer, healthier life through the world’s finest products available today.

These products have passed the test of time utilizing the best quality materials, strict quality control, and rigorous testing to create the best products for your optimal health and longevity.

Check out their website:

Check out our latest podcast with them. 

Laurie Rock

I am Laurie Rock is a Weight Loss Coach. She empowers women to breakthrough the diet madness and discover their unique holistic blueprint with lasting results so that they can live amazingly happy lives through her Healthy Thriving Woman Adventure Program. 

Check out podcast with her here.


Cultured Food Life

Cultured Food Life is the website of Donna Schwenk, an expert on cultured foods. This is a fantastic resource for learning how to make your own probiotic and cultured foods for gut health.

EO Nutrition and Elliot Overton

EO Nutrition: The website of Elliot Overton, a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. He has tons of information on vitamin deficiencies like B1 deficiency. Follow his YouTube channel here. We have learned heaps from him.

Books We Recommend:

How to Reverse Aging by Dr. Jon Harmon. A comprehensive guide on the vast potential of two unique copper peptides known as the GHK and the AHK copper peptides. Learn how the GHK-Copper peptide reverses the age of your OWN STEM CELLS and how it stimulates the release of more of your own, brand new, young STEM CELLS!

Super Gut: A Four-Week Plan to Reprogram Your Microbiome, Restore Health, and Lose Weight

Lose Your Sh*t: Shed Your Stress, Unleash Your Superpowers, Crush Your Business. A guide on how to Overcome Corporate and Life Burnout.

Niacin: The Real Story: Vitamin B3―or niacin―is a small molecule made of only fourteen atoms, smaller even than the simplest sugar. But this one molecule has profound effects on health: it plays a role in more than five hundred reactions in the body. Many illnesses are caused by too little niacin, and many illnesses can be cured with high doses of niacin.

Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition: explores thiamine and how its deficiency affects the functions of the brainstem and autonomic nervous system by way of metabolic changes at the level of the mitochondria.

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