We specialize in DETOX – helping you detox physically, emotionally or energetically, depending on your needs or health goals. We promote products to help you detox physically and we are trained in energy work and stress management (emotional detox). Our work helps you to realize the power you have to heal yourself.

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Energetic Detox & Balancing

We can help you remove energy blocks and balance your entire energetic system. These sessions are known to help greatly with insomnia, anxiety, emotional distress and much more.

The first session is a 90-minute private call and includes a full intake, remote energy work to remove blocks and balance your energy fields, and one email follow-up email with notes from the session and suggestions for client.

Jodi has three certifications in energy therapy (both hands-on and remote) and has practiced as well as taught energy work to students for over a decade. 

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Emotional Detox Programs

Jodi is an expert in emotional detox and calls herself an Emotional Empowerment Coach and helps people recover from burnout and adrenal exhaustion. She’s been doing this type of work for over a decade. 

Jodi does 1×1 coaching and is creating online programs as well as in-person “bootcamps.” They will be announced in 2024. If you are interested in this work, schedule a discovery call to see if your are a fit to work with her.

You can get her book, Lose Your Sh*t here. 

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